Roman A Sukhanov |

Data Scientist in Oil and Gas

  • In passion with:
  • Python
  • Tensorflow / Keras
  • GPU computing
  • Computer vision
  • Mac/Linux user
  • Interesting in:
  • Java / Scala / Haskell
  • Time series analysis
  • Web development
  • Film photography
Program manager
09.2021 - today

Managing digital program with AI projects (4 significant projects).
R&D for implementing AI in geological projects.

Gazpromneft Science & Tech Centre

Senior Data Scientist
07.2019 - 09.2020

1. Inpainting (and extreme inpainting) method for restoring corrupted seismic data using deep convolutional neural network.
2. Interwell properties prediction based on 3D seismic data.

Developed user interfaces (GUI) for python scripts. I used PyQt5 for this.
Developed the hackathon platform with multiple submitting and a dynamic leaderboard. It was been written on Flask, been used SQLite.
Tech support Linux servers (CentOS, Ubuntu) with GPU.

Gazpromneft Science & Tech Centre

Senior Data Analyst
04.2018 - 07.2019

Seismic data analysis using Python (building FFNN, DCNN, AE using Tensorflow, Keras. Random decision forest, k-means using SKLearn).
Software development via Java and Scala (desktop and web apps using play framework).
Seismic interpretation.

Gazpromneft Science & Tech Centre

Middle Data Analyst
12.2015 - 04.2019

Seismic data analysis using Python for estimation sweet spots for drilling.
Seismic interpretaion.

Gazpromneft Science & Tech Centre

Junior Data Analyst
10.2014 - 11.2015

Geophysics data analysis. Developed software for depth prediction of magnetic sources (Java).
Seismic, Magnetic and Gravity interpretation.

Research Institute "VNIIOkeangeologia"

Junior Data Analyst
07.2012 - 09.2014

Developed viewer for SGY files on Java (desktop and web apps).
Seismic interpretation.

Russian Geological Research Institute